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19 October 2018 15:54



The Q-Yachts Concept

Mr. Janne Kjellman, the founder and CEO of Q-Yachts and a keen sailor, set out over a decade ago to develop a silent propulsion system for boats. The Q-Yachts project was conceived with the clear vision of bringing to the market a unique boat which can offer the same experience of speed, relaxed “sailing” and silence, that you will experience when sailing a performance day cruiser sailing yacht.

The heart of the Q-Yachts concept is hence the silence. Thanks to the state-of-the-art electrical propulsion technology supplied by Oceanvolt Ltd and the hydrodynamically optimized hull, the boat produces minimal noise and wake. This means that you can actually speak with a normal voice while driving. Hence, the journey truly becomes the destination!

The Q30 Electric Day Cruiser

Having worked “in stealth mode” with the project for several years, Q-Yachts has only a few months ago released to the market the first model – the Q30. The Q30 fully electric day cruiser is a unique concept, where design meets state of the art technology and environmental sustainability to give a revolutionary boating experience. The goal has also been to develop a boat which is easy to use and own, and which puts the focus on enjoying “the ride” with minimal hassle. Hence the Q30 boasts with features/properties such as:

• Easy charging with 110 V / 20 A.
• Minimal maintenance.
• Easy to use custom App installed in the iPad supplied
with the boat for monitoring the boats systems.
• The boat can be transported on a trailer.
• The boat fits into a 40’ container (for longer shipment).

Q-Yachts Today And Into The Future

Based in Helsinki and with production located in the small town of Kotka in South-Eastern Finland, the production of the Q30 is already up and running. The first three boats have been sold, and the first boat is already delivered (hull 002 delivered in mid-October to an Australian customer) with two more boats currently in production. To ensure the highest of quality, the boats are built by experienced Finnish craftsmen. Since the launch of the Q30 to the market, the unique concept has met with great enthusiasm and praise with enquiries on the Q30 coming from all around the world (from Japan, South-Korea and Indonesia in the East, to all of North-America and even Colombia in the West). In charge of the development of the Q-Yachts commercial business is the experienced yachting industry professional, Mr. Joakim Hildén. The Q-Yachts focus is now firmly set on becoming the global market leader in the electric motorboat market – become the Tesla of the Seas!




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